Ducati seeks Mavericks who inspire others: known for excellence and influence in their chosen field, who love to ride, who understand how the motorcycle supports their individuality and freedom as much as their chosen passion does. The Maverick program pairs them with a local Ducati dealer, giving them an opportunity to realize their vision in moving metal, a motorcycle stamped with their aesthetic that will still retain all of its real-world capability and performance: a real motorcycle… for real riding… a Scrambler Icon.

Volume 1: GRIME

Renowned tattoo artist GRIME was chosen to being recognized as the first-ever Scrambler Maverick. GRIME has always carved his own path, and as a result, he’s become one of the most respected tattoo artists with a distinct style, embodying free-spirited creativity, and the Scrambler Ducati represents these same attributes. GRIME’s diverse talent and his dedication to his craft make him the perfect person to be the first Maverick award recipient.

In the nearly 25 years since GRIME created his first full tattoo, he has grown into a prolific figure in the tattooing community both in the United States and abroad. Now, with a waiting-list of more than three years, GRIME’s tattoos are held in the highest esteem by clients and critics alike. Not only is GRIME the go-to for those wanting the best when it comes to body-art, he is also a sought-after creator of fine art in the mediums of photography, canvas, board, and graffiti, with much of his pieces selling out in minutes during art exhibitions.

GRIME’s custom Scrambler was built in collaboration with the expertise of the team at Marin Speed Shop in Marin, CA. It features a blue and tri-color color palette and angular, 80’s motocross style-cues. Later this summer the one-of-a-kind Scrambler Maverick build will be auctioned to support the Shiners Hospital For Children – an organization chosen by GRIME himself. All proceeds will go to the charity.

Click the thumbnails to view larger photos of GRIME with his Scrambler Maverick. Also pictured is Jim McLaughlin, GM of Marin Speed Shop.

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Project Parameters

  • Start with a Scrambler Icon
  • Retain the spirit & functionality
  • Only original Ducati or fabricated parts
  • Modest budget (less than $10K)

Who will be next?

GRIME was the first Maverick chosen, but he won't be the last. We believe the Scrambler Icon is an ideal catalyst for this project because of it’s versatility, ease of use and simplicity of design – a “blank canvas” for individuality.

Every creative or successful person owes a debt of gratitude to others who helped or mentored them, so the Scrambler Icon will be auctioned after being built, with all proceeds donated to a charity selected by the Maverick.

Two Mavericks will be selected each year. Together, they, their selected dealer and Scrambler Icons will be given the opportunity to tell their story, documented in photo and film as the conception, design and fabrication unfold, culminating in the unveiling and ultimate debut of the motorcycle.

Do you know a Ducati owner that should be considered for the next Scrambler Maverick project? Submit your proposal below for consideration:

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